Labour Information and Job Opportunity Sites

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

You need a Social Insurance Number to apply for jobs and scholarships.


For information for applying for a first time social insurance number go to


You may also take your completed application form and documentation during business hours to:

595 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8W 1N5

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Work BC

An inventory of Labour Market Programs and Services in BC including job finding sites and career planning.

WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe BC is dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety for the workers and employers in BC. This webpage is for workers under the 25 years old.

Employment Standards Act

The Employment Standards Act (ESA) sets out the minimum standards of wages and working conditions that apply to most workplaces in BC.

Employability Skills 2000+

Employability Skills 2000+ are the critical skills you need in the workplace—whether you are self-employed or working for others. Employability Skills 2000+ include communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviours, adaptability, working with others, and science, technology and mathematics skills.

Work Futures

Work Futures provides a comprehensive description of close to 200 occupations as they relate directly to the B.C. labour market. It is for learners, individuals interested in changing careers or re-entering the labour market, and for career practitioners.

Check out the latest local job postings, get help creating your resume, learn to ace the interview and talk to friendly staff members who will help with researching employment choices, education and training.


Located in the Westshore, this is a no-cost service for all your job search, career planning, and self employment training needs. The Resource Centre is equipped with computers, fax machines, photocopiers and friendly staff.

Find a job in Canada

Jobs are divided by location and caetgory.  simpoy find a listing you like and follow the instructions to apply.

Canada Jobs

A comprehensive site which includes tips on job seeking.  Job listings are sorted by porvice.

Jobs Abroad

An amazing resource for those who wish to work overseas.  The site advises on airfare, insurance, hotels, etc.  Be sure to research the company offering the jobs.


A Canadian resource for online job search.

A Guide to BC Economy and Labour Market

A Guide to the BC Economy and Labour Market is an excellent source of information about historical and current trends, as well as the long-term outlook for the provincial economy and the labour market.

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